Cornelio Campos

Revealing the truth through art.

“I am trying to use my paintings as tools for education and ways to start conversation. I have the opportunity to start a conversation that will let others think and then do their own investigating” — Cornelio Campos

Cornelio Campos is a self-taught Mexican-American artist based in Durham, N.C. Mr. Campos immigrated to the United States from Mexico as a teenager—a journey and process that now influence many of his paintings. Vibrant colors, iconic American symbols, and intricate geometric patterns define Mr. Campos’s work. Through his paintings, he illustrates some of the harsh realities of immigrating to America that immigrants often overlook. Moreover, he highlights deep-seated political issues that contribute to Mexican immigration, including the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. As an artist with no formal training, Mr. Campos’s paintings exemplify  techniques that he has learned through observation, and often defy traditional color schemes. His paintings contain therapeutic, controversial, and enlightening elements that make them both unique and unforgettable.



  1. ¿Cual es el significado de esa pintura que parece como una mandala?

  2. Hello Cornelio, my name is Evie Fordham, and I am writing a story for about “DREAMers” at Pleiades. I would love to talk to you about your art on display there. Let me know if you are able to speak with me over the phone today. I can be reached at

  3. I would like to contact you for a presentation.

  4. Fabiola Salas Villalobos

    January 13, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    Saludos Don Cornelio,

    Espero que se encuentre bien. Soy Fabiola Salas Villalobos, la maestra de Durham Academy, la escuela a donde usted dio una presentación recientemente. También participé en uno de sus talleres de pintura que Emily Chavez de Duke y UNC patrocinaron hace unos años. En fin. Se me perdió su correo electrónico y quisiera contactarlo con una directora de programas de verano que quisiera que usted hiciera una presentación para sus alunmos este verano (2018). Por favor contácteme al correo:, o al , también puede enviarme su correo en un mensaje de texto al 9194239521. Mil gracias y saludos,

    Fabiola Salas Villalobos

  5. How are you doing?
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  6. Magdalena Berrios

    January 31, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Cornelio,

    My name is Magdalena Berrios, I work at the Center of Multicultural Affairs in Duke University. I would like to contact you, because I will like to invite you to “La Casa” to have a discussion about your painting.
    Looking forward to your answer.


    Maria Magdalena Berrios

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